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     Welcome to individual guitar lessons. I have over 40 years experience in teaching individuals and groups, and I have a rich collection of learning materials.

 Classes run so as to efficiently and at a rate dependent on age and how much time you can devote to develop in you a passion for the world of guitar music.

     From the first lesson you play interesting and melodic songs that encourage exercise.

Classes for both beginners and more advanced musicians. Age and level of experience of students does not matter, what matters is the passion and commitment. Program lessons are set individually to the needs and expectations of the student, based on the specific work according to the principle „play what you like” lined necessary for practical understanding of the theory.
Available on the site:
  • guitars
  • amps
  • guitar effects
  • studio quipment for recording
Email: jerzypeter@hotmail.com
Tel.: (514) 295-8097
In program:
  • EORI music
  • Playing the chords, tabs, notes
  • game improvisational
  • Development works with hearing
  • Composing songs
  • Arranging tracks
  • Playing different kinds of music: pop, rock, blues, jazz, convivial, scouts, ...
  • Finger picking,
  • Ear training
  • Transcription of recordings
  • Playing in group
  • Techniques of recording tracks